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November 06, 2008

Microblogging from the plane, London to Denver

Microblogging from the plane via newspaper reading (Oct. 30- Nov 2)

Financial Times (Thu.) She has, after all been a Democrat all her life. not this time.
'Forget it. I'm not voting for no black guy,' she said. Why not? 'It's
just the way I was raised.'

Article on the Obama camapigns degrees of preparedness for the
transition, in great contrast to Clinton who didn't do very well and
this suffered the 1994 Republican mid-term elections. And article
notes that Bush White House has been forthcoming and noble in helping
both sides with the relevant issues required for whomever the new
president is. Four big issues or challenges for Obama: A) when to push congress to enact a 2nd stimulus package B) how to withrawl trips quickly from Iraq as promises C) how to handle the financial meltdown D) how to prepare the first budget to be launched in Feb.

WSJ-- The hard work of getting ahead Talent is valid but disciplined practice and relentless improvmentof
your weaknesses is the stronger path to success. The 10 year rule, by
which it takes 10 of hard work to achieve excellence in almost any
important field.

And when we hire people, we focus too much on gut instinct and
corporate fit. As one CEO said when firing someone, I hired your
resume bit unfortunately I got you. Their research (over 4,000 hiring hstudies) showed that interviewing
is not predictive of job performance.

Obama massive on the ground organizing and leveraging Internet to
unite previously disparate groups of geographically or socially
diverse yet Democratic voters.

Economist: On cloud computing-- for computing to reach a higher level its cells
he to be commoditized. The three main parts of cloud computing: 1) the infrastructure layer 2) software layer 3) periphery or device layer

Big challenge of cloud computing is (since it can gather intelligence
about how the individual uses the service and adjust accordingly) how
to connect the myriad data and make them profitable.

--- on way back and the Detroit to Heatheow flight is playing Thievery
Corporation, very cool.---

And beause my seat's VOD was rebooted for not working I saw for a
split second the Linux penguin before the progress bar screen took
over. It's called Frozen River and I'd never heard of it before
turning on the VOD during dinner but I'm glad I did-- I really was
transformed by the story and felt for these characters. One of the
most depressing films that I've seen in awhile. And it took place in
the woods of upstate NY. Filmed entirley in NY state.

Background music in the film by: 'The State of The Union' by Pompous Plate Or by Rachel Diablo and The Calm

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