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August 25, 2008

India Trip, Day Three: Agra

Below is Day 3 from my India Trip, as part of my one post a day diary from the 2wks spent in India.

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Wednesday, July 9th

Slept like a baby after probably only 3/4 hours of sleep the night we arrived (couldn't sleep in the car to or back from Agra- the craziness of the driving made it almost impossible to fall asleep, even after a day of walking around in the hot, humid weather), and had toast and tea for breakfast. Got on the hotel's PC in the lobby and checked email, Twtter, Facebook, and chatted with a Rochester friend.

We re-grouped in the hotel restaurant to plan out the rest of the day and prioritize what we wanted to do over the next four days, museums, shopping, spas, etc. And here I sit in the Amatria Spa getting a pedicure. Yes, you heard me correctly, I've officially entered Metrosexual Land.

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To top it off, it's a full spa treatment-- manicure, pedicure, and massage. I never had a real professional massage before so I'm looking forward to that part. I never thought that I was a spa person (I'm still not sure that I am yet) but I did the full spa trifecta for a few reasons:

  1. It would be relaxing and hell, I'm on holiday so I might as well splurge a little.
  2. I'm in India for the first time in my life, why not go to to an Indian spa.
  3. The rest of the group wanted to go, including the only other male compatriot of the trip, and that was enough for me.

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The rest of the day was shopping (Mattias and I were on this trip with six or seven other women) and of course, the guys snuck over to the small bar in the plaza for a little Kingfisher time. Later that night, after grabbing a Pizza Hut pre-dinner snack--don't ask me why, it's greasy and dirty but good-- we went out for drinks, someplace in Delhi, and I'm almost positive that we were the only non-Indians there-- and almost the only ones dancing too.

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