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May 11, 2008

New Death Cab for Cutie Album, Narrow Stairs

Been Listening to the new Death Cab for Cutie's upcoming album, "Narrow Stairs," and it's quite good. I was late to DCFC and only started listening to them after hearing Postal Service on the radio back in March 2003.

[I remember that day fondly, hearing "Recycled Air" for the first time on KRCC, because a huge snow storm pummeled the Front Range in Colorado that week and I had the week off by chance. I was still working Colorado Springs after graduation and went down to sports complex and built a little jump by the metal rail around the track to practice some boardslides.

It was an amazing session, just me out there doing my own thing and finally trying to slide a metal rail-- yes, it's hard. After the pain of not committing to the rail, I finally slide it a few times. Retreating to my car to warm up and drive back to my house, I heard "Recycled Air" and was amazed by the sound. At home, I downloaded as much postal Service as I could find.]

The new DCFC album comes out Tuesday but I've been listening to a few songs via The Hype Machine among other places. You've probably heard the first single, "I Will Possess My Heart"  but that's not my favorite.

"Your New Twin Sized Bed" is my favorite song of the album (reminds me a lot of Star's song, "My Favorite Book") and it's been on massive rotation over the last few days. If we weren't in the digital age, I would have surely burned through that section of the tape already from all of the playing.  Give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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