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February 18, 2008

My Blogging Habits: Twitter and Tumblr Are Gaining Ground

Me in Switzerland, circa '98

It may seem that I don't post here on Dimen Designs as often as I used to but to be honest, I feel that I'm writing and blogging more than ever.

So what gives?

Other platforms have taken over Typepad; with my mobile and Twitter, I'm posting there much more often and now there's my Tumblr page, where I can post photos and videos that don't quite fit the purpose of the blog.

I haven't posted a consolidated list before because I was worried about having everything linked-- not  that this was even possible when I started blogging on my free Tripod blog back in late 2003 (yes it's been five years, amazing). But now it's definitely impossible because I have cross-posted items so often over the last two years that a simple Google search could connect the dots. I suppose listing all of my online presences is finally a formal admission of radical transparency that Scoble and Chris Anderson talk about.

More correctly, it's that I'm posting in so many different places now that I need tools that better consolidate my online presences. I mentioned the need for reducing redundancies when I posted yesterday about widigtizing my reading list. Just saw FriendFeed on Joe Lazarus' site and that seems like a good first step in consolidating everything.

Lastly, you only get out of blogging what you put into it. So do I get paid directly to put myself out there? Of course not but I'm compensated in non-monetary ways and that what's important to me.

  Originally uploaded by cherbert.

So here it is, a mostly complete list of my online outlets:

Don't feel that you have to check all of them all of the time but feel free to reach out to me at any of those places. As part of my New Year's resolutions (no you shouldn't make these, you really should have daily, weekly, yearly goals instead because we so often fail at keeping our New Year's resolutions), I'm trying to stay in better touch with my friends, family, and former colleagues. Posting all of my online presences will be a good test for me so take me up on the offer.

But I'm not going all the way and publishing my mobile number, like Calacanis or Scoble, that's just a little too transparent for me.

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