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November 30, 2007

Walt Mossberg Doesn't Like the Telcos Either

I don't express my distaste for many things without just cause so when I posted that I don't like telcos, I really meant it. And not for more anecdotal or superficial reasons, like having a bad customer service experience one time and holding that against them as a personal vendetta, but because they've consistently been anit-competition and anti-innovation for far too long.

So I read with pleasure, when trying to track down this great spectrum infographic (can't find it now), I saw this WIRED story on Walt Mossberg's distaste for the telecos. He likened them to "Soviet Ministries"(a more tactful or, perhaps, more accurate description than my simple "I hate Telecoms" label).

Given Google's formal announcement that they will be bidding on the FCC's wireless 700MHz spectrum auction in January, the telecom/mobile world could be (and hopefully will) be turned upside down.


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