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November 18, 2007

The D.C Ice Rink is Now Open

The D.C Ice Rink is Now Open

LaToya and I did the museum thing Sat. afternoon, hitting the American Snapshot exhibit at The National Gallery of Art's West building.

We were underwhelmed to say the least. I was expecting a history of American photography, especially given the George Eastman roots of my hometown, but the show was literally American snapshots from the very earliest public-use cameras up until the late 1970s. Some of the photos were good but the rest were snapshots, relatively mundane photos that everybody has in a big trunk in their attic gathering dust.

So we went to the other parts of the museum and saw some Van Goghs, Cezannes, Manets, and Monets among others.

It stared off slow but end well with the other parts of the museum. More importantly, it was great to take a break from my usual D.C. Routine and see some amazing artwork. Everyone needs a chance to decompress and re-energize and there's nothing like sparking your creative part of your mind at a museum. It inspires you to do great things and approach the other parts of your life (friends or work even) a little differently.

I had just read that Ice Rink at the Sculpture Garden had opened this weekend and I've been telling myself ever since coming down to D.C. and running at The National Mall that I needed to stop by.

It's pretty neat to have the rink in downtown D.C.; the Sculpture Garden itself is a little oasis in the concrete jungle. At night with the lights around the rink lit up and Christmas chorales faintly   playing over the speakers creates a nice atmosphere.

There aren't too many quintessential D.C. activities or sights that I haven't done yet but this has been on the list for awhile so I'm glad to check it off the list. I'd recommend anyone in D.C., either locals or tourists, check out the Ice Rink at night, even if you don't skate (which I don't).


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