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October 15, 2007

Why I Love New York City

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  1. MMAs in McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn: where else could an awards show like that go down?

  2. Art gallery and performance art open house in Brooklyn loft- $10 cover for open bar (which meant cheap beer), techno music thumping , guy juggling flaming torches, women doing vertical ballet via hanging columns of cloth, an art gallery with nice artwork that most didn't pay any attention too (we particularly liked the masking-tape boat), a huge snake for people to wrap themselves up in, and tons of hipsters everywhere trying so hard

  3. Walking through Chinatown to catch the bus back to DC and seeing a woman holding her infant over the gutter of the street for a makeshift bathroom

  4. Seeing (what I'm told) is the always huge line at Shake Shack in Union Square Park

  5. MoMa (too brief walkthrough, need another two or three hours there): the Picasso room; the new photography 2007 exhibit- Tanyth Berkeley (exquisite, soul-piercing portraits) and Berni Searle (bright, abstract designs); a series of stark, unadorned black and white photographs of early Colorado Springs (circa 1950s)

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