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October 28, 2007

Visual Representation of My Music Listening Habits

Was a busy week, including work trip to Chicago but got to hang out with Patrick, Justin, and Pedro. Had a great time catching up over a good meal at the recently opened restaurant A Mano but as Pedro said, anytime the bartender has to waste three whiskeys because she fumbled the order you know there's trouble. I'll chalk it up to opening week jitters but back to the business at hand...

Thanks to Fred for first exploring this topic (of visually representing your musical tastes based on frequency and date) a few weeks back and for his recent post about LastGraph, an application that visually graphs your music listening habits (via's API) in an informative and cool design. I believe the original concept for this came from Lee Byron at Carnegie Mellon :

(or the high quality PDF link)

I posted about combining LivePlasma's visualiziation tool and's music listening data back in late 2005 after seeing LivePlasma's app on C|Net's websites as an alternative to tag clouds that could show related articles and keywords's data can be displayed in visually appealing, data-rich way, now it's time to combine this analysis with variables like:

  • release of artists' new albums
  • concerts you attended
  • personal and work events
  • web and music searching

I admit that there's a lot of personal, potentially private information intertwined with this next level of analysis but I'm not suggesting that the results be on your blog and indexed by Google unless you those details to be publically available. What's important is the ability to know how your music listening habits are influenced by events in your life, for your own personal curiosity of course and also for understanding how society at large discovers and listens to music based on moods and other factors.

You want to save the music industry, get to this next level of analysis, plotting the graph above with life events and you'll have quite valuable knowledge on how to succeed in the digital age.

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