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October 20, 2007

Stars Tonight @ 930

  Stars  _MG_7669.jpg 
  Originally uploaded by svetlana80.

Stars played an amazing show tonight at 9:30. They were extremely energetic and you could tell by the back and forth between the lead singers (Torquil Campbell talks about it in this The Onion A.V. Club interview) that they really love doing this. Passion is hard to fake and it brings out the best in everyone and tonight was an amazing show.

It was good pop music, with a good mix of slow and fast songs, and it gives you reason to believe that good music, despite most of the crap on the radio and on TV, is still being made-- it's just that you may have to go to Canada (or Montreal specifically) to hear it.

The highlight for me was 'My Favourite Book,' which I've blogged or Twittered about before. In fact, I would have bought the ticket just to hear them play that one song.

NPR recorded the show tonight so make sure to check their website now in a couple weeks for the show.

UPDATE (10/21/07): Wrote the post last night on my mobile so added, photo, links, and formatting. I also added the quote below (from that same Onion interview) because it sums up what good music should accomplish (emphasis added):

The message is always the same from us: We want you to forget about this band. We want you to remember the songs and remember your own life, and remember your own potential for beauty. We don't care if you know who we are, we don't care if you think we're cool, and we don't care if you even own our records. We just want to, for a moment, make you aware that four chords and some beats can alter your perception of life and can make you think that life is a very strange, very beautiful thing, and that your life is somehow special. That'll always be the goal with this band. We don't have any solutions. We're not very powerful, exciting, unusual people. We're just trying to make powerful, unusual, exciting music, and make people feel that that music is a part of their lives. That's all we really care about.


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