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October 01, 2007

Human Powered Super Computer

I saw an ad for the Wired NextFest in LA a few issues ago and joked with my buddy who lives in LA that I wanted to go, to see all of the cool techie/geek gadgets and technologies but also so that we could hand out. Then he surprised me by saying that not only had he heard about it and was attending the event, he was going to be in it.

John's on the UCLA Cycling Team and they were chosen (not sure how) to power a supercomputer. Pretty cool, 10 of them on their bikes in full cycling uniform powering a supercomputer. Hadn't seen any photos yet but he just let me know about this video. Now I wish I'd flown out there, this would have been amazing to see in person.

I think you see John for an instant, with a white cycling cap on.


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