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June 20, 2007

Save Net Radio Rally in DC

Attended the Save Net Radio rally Monday night here in Capital Hill, in the park at Constitution and Delaware. I got there late from work so I missed the opening remarks at 6:30pm, including some words by Congressman Jay Inslee and Congressman Don Manzullo, but was excited to see an albeit small group gathered for the event.

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I'm not sure how many people were there for the actual cause (given the concert was free and in the park near the Capital, I think the event attracted a good many onlookers but if they stayed, maybe they'll learn something about the issue of copyright royalties for online radio stations) but it was a great summer night to listen to some surprisingly good bands.

I only saw the last two bands and only caught part of the second group's name, a local band called something like From Rome... and they played good energetic, pop/rock songs that I'd definitely pay to see them play again.

All of the bands were going to speak with their representatives on Tuesday morning so I hope it went well and I thank for putting on a great event: good music and a even better cause. Let's hope that the copyright royalty terms for internet radio are indeed re-evaluated by Congress and set are more reasonable, non-exclusionary rates. I love KCRW, WAMU, and all of the other streaming music services available on the internet and it would be tragic to lose these services because of the large, entrenched media companies inhibiting (through absurd copyright royalty terms) the next generation of online music services from prospering (and destroying the mass media's now dwindling stranglehold on the music industry).

SaveNetRadio's also has photos from the event.


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