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June 20, 2007

Photos from Past Few Weekends

The past month has a blur of trips, much more than I had planned for. Here's the list with links to the photos:

  1. Mike's bachelor party canoe trip in Wisconsin/Chicago (May 25-28th)
  2. Mike's wedding in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (June 1-3rd; photos coming soon)
  3. Bike Race weekend in Philly w/ John, Trevor, and Sarah (June 9-10th)
  4. Cape Cod beach weekend w/ Tyler, Stacie, and Jaymie (June 15-17th)

I have scrapes of notes from my various reading over the past month too and just need to get them posted (the income inequality and globalization stories from the NYT Magazine issue with John Edwards on the cover; the age question/meme relating to web entrepreneurs; "The Banality of Personal Life and Where Twitter Comes In").

In lieu of words, here's a collage of my recent photos:


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