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May 25, 2007

Great Mashup Music Thanks to PRI's Fair Game

Since I tend to be more of a night owl than ever, I sometimes find myself going to bed after 1am and when clicking on the radio (set to WAMU) to listen to news before falling asleep, I've been pleasantly surprised a few times by. PRI's great show, Fair Game. It's another gem from public radio that is of the same caliber of more mainstream public radio shows like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me or This American Life but I think it's more unknown because of its nocturnal play time.Fair_game_2

The topics covered on the show are eclectic, quirky, and engaging; I've stayed up a few times just to hear the end of a show, a kind of "driveway moment" as NPR describes it during pledge time. And the host of the show, Faith Salie, has a laid-back personality but quick wit that provides insights into already intriguing stories without sounding forced or contrived. She seems like that cool friend that always has interesting stories on a wide yet weird range of topics and you wonder how a person could be into so many things and know so many people.

Basically, I love the show.

What finally made me post about Fair Game was tonight's show highlighting a new music mashup site, The Hood Internet. Mashups have been around awhile but these guys are focusing on mixing rap/hip-hop and indie rock songs, definitely music areas close to my heart. They're two musicians/DJs from Chicago, doing the mashups on the side, and making some good songs.

Broken Social Scene vs. R Kelly- I'm A Flirt (Shoreline)

The Shins vs Crime Mob- DJ STV SLV - Rock Yo Sea Legs


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