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May 03, 2007

Downloading vs. Paying for The Arcade Fire

[Written 5/3/07 on my PDA  (so formatting and links are crude) but not posted until 5/10/07.]

Tonight is the night, The Arcade Fire is playing with The National (who I saw at Black Cat six months ago- thanks to Fred for recommending them) tonight at DAR Constitution Hall here in DC.

I've been wanting to see Arcade Fire ever since first hearing 'Headlights Look Like Diamonds,' probably three or four years ago.
Having read that NYT article about the Montreal music scene, I was familiar with The Dears but not with AR.

But I've never bought a single piece of AR music, either at the store or by download. I love their music yet haven't bought their music, I
sound like a cheapskate freeloader don't I, who believes all music
should be free to download?

Just the opposite in fact, I go to shows because I want to directly support the artists. Though the  traditional music album isn't dead, the business model of the record industry is fundamentally broken. DRM and suing customers is not the answer. Having been at college freshman during the heyday of Napster, I enjoyed this article in the Harvard Crimson chastising the music industry for making college administrators copyright police:

If you think I'm wrong, go read Doctorow, Lessig, or Leftsetz.


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