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May 04, 2007

Arcade Fire Rocks DAR's Constitution Hall

  Aracde Fire, Live in Atlanta 2007 
  Originally uploaded by mdshivers.

The Arcade Fire concert tonight was amazing, they really know how to put on a great show. Best of all, Win and the crew seem to really care about the audience. They're not one of those pretentious, I’m not showing the audience any emotion type of band.

We missed The National because they came right on at 8:00pm EST but I'm excited that they're opening for such a big name indie band and can get their music out to more people. I only fear that many didn't seem they play because we didn't realize that they were starting right at 8pm, instead of doors opening at 8pm and the opener coming on 30-45 minutes later.

When I mean interactive with the audience I don't mean that they were chatty during the song interludes (in fact Win was fairly to the point) but the entire band played with such conviction and precision (you got the sense that they all practice maniacally, that Win probably knows what everyone should be playing at every moment during each and every song) that it was powerful and engaging. They worked in the crowd’s participation whenever possible and really feed off that energy when they played. Humble yet confident.

When leaving the stage and waving and looking into the crowd, you could tell that they really do care about having a great performance every time and making the fans happy.

Only song I didn't hear, that would have it a amazing night truly perfect, was "Headlights Look Like Diamonds." They played mostly songs from the new album but sprinkled a few non-Neon Bible songs. I can't remember the entire set (may have been the same as this) but it was a good mix of the slow and the fast songs and highlighted their unique musical sense and technical expertise as well.

Favorite Songs:

  1. The Well and the Lighthouse
  2. Keep the Car Running (last song before the encore- which lasted three songs, the last one was unplanned I think)
  3. Wake Up (which they encouraged the entire audience to join in on during the chorus of ohhhs and ooohs).


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