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April 26, 2007

Worth Shortening Your Life For

I always scan my RSS feeds via Google Reader riding the metro to work, keeping up with the national news, my tech/web/blog readings, and the occasional offbeat items that pop up.

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This post is one of the latter, 60 things worth shortening your life for (via Esquire), #13) dropping Corbet's:

Hard: Corbet's Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Congratulate yourself for nailing that 15-foot mandatory air at the top, but try not to slam your skull into the soaring rock wall if you fail to wrench an immediate, impossibly sharp left turn.

That's me dropping Corbet's back in winter 1999 on my first Colorado Snowriders Cup trip during freshman year at college. Having stayed home for New Year's, I flew into Jackson on January 3rd, having missed the inaugural van trip up from Colorado Springs (remember what happens when crossing the Wyoming line?), not knowing a single soul and getting stuck in a cabin with Grant, Whitney, and Eric. I had no idea what I was getting into but after all the amazing skiing, epic conditions, and heavy drinking, I can easily say that it was the best ski trip of my life (perhaps the best trip of my life ever).

Being the only boarder, those guys pushed my level of riding to the edge as they kept going faster on steeper and steeper runs, chutes, and trees, barley ever waiting for me. With such great conditions, we hiked and tried almost everything, including Corbet's. Of the four consecutive years that I went on the now infamous FUCC Jackson Hole Trip, that first year was the only season that the couloir was open. I didn't drop Corbet's gracefully but I rode out of it and it's now checked off my list of things to do before I die. 

After Corbet's, Esquire then listed Silverton Mountain as harder and finally listed heli-skiing in Alaska as the most downright crazy. I never got over to Silverton before leaving Colorado (it was just opening my senior year I think) but riding Silverton is on the list too.


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