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March 02, 2007

Monetizing the Smart Way

Is this really the most important concern for Old Media entering the digital age? Or at the least, are they thinking about it wrong they we they've framed it here:

'"We are very pleased to have more traffic on our sites since we took down our video from YouTube because we are able to monetize that as opposed to someone else doing so," Dauman said (PaidContent)."

I was on the metro when I read and wrote this earlier this morning so this post (busy at work so haven't blogged in awhile) isn't fully developed.

Monetization is definitely critical but I just wonder if they're thinking about making money from their digital content in the wrong way. Aren't there other, new ways that leverage the network in smarter way for making money off this content?

UPDATE: I received my first comment spam thanks to this quick post. The keyword that triggered the comment was "monetizing," a word near and dear to my heart being a web/techie person. Also being in in the research/consulting world, I had to joke with a friend that yes, it's really all about monetization and incentivizing the right behaviors- see my jargon post if you need more details.


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