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February 15, 2007

Snarky Post of the Week: Lefsetz vs. The Dixie Chicks

It's about time that a Bob Leftsetz post makes it to a Snarky Post of the Week. I think I first heard about Leftsetz via Fred, who's pointed me to a lot of great blogs, and I've never been disappointed with Leftsetz's frequent rants, tirades, and screeds.

He knows the music industry and isn't afraid to say what he believes. Are some of his posts over the top? Of course, but that's what makes blogs great is that they're personal and Bob's personality is his blog.

Regarding the Dixie Chick's sweep at the recent Grammy Awards, Bob lets her rip and it's great. Nothing necessarily snarky but he says what many in the music industry were probably thinking when the Dixie Chicks won the award in each category they were nominated for. More importantly, their Grammy wins signify just how lost the music industry is right now:

"What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where "Not Ready To Make Nice" wins Record Of The Year?...

"Not Ready To Make Nice" is ubiquitous on the coffee tables of baby boomers who want to impress their liberal friends, fuck, it probably doesn’t even make it into the CD player...

Music, when done right, is universal.  "Not Ready To Make Nice" is like a hit show on the Food Network.  Yup, let’s give the Emmy for best variety show to RACHAEL RAY!
There’s a revolution going on. The major labels are driving headlong in the other direction, with the ass-wipes at NARAS following in their footsteps...

Back in ‘65, we had MANY "Crazy"s.  At least this year we had ONE! But this particular fish could not be shot in the barrel.  God, the guys running NARAS are the same guys running the war in Iraq.  They’re CLUELESS

It’s time to clean house.

The Net is doing this to the inept labels.

But someone has to take charge at NARAS.  Hopefully, not the same people in control of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  And they must turn the ship around.  They must realize the joke of the Grammy Awards doesn’t only hurt the television show, but the ENTIRE INDUSTRY!" (The Dixie Chicks?)

Ah yes, that was great. Don't you feel better know? Listen and decide for yourself: Dixie Chicks' and Not Ready to Make Nice vs. Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.


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