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February 16, 2007

Seeqing Online Music Playlists

I share a lot of music with co-workers and friends but since everyone isn't using to share their musical tastes and listening habits, I often send Hype Machine links to people. Or if I can't find it there, I'll try YouTube. At last resort, there's always sharing a USB thumb drive or mix CD.


But none of these solutions is simple or easy: I want to quickly share a song or playlist, without the other person having to install any software, download the actual mp3s, or login to a website either. I want to be able to create a custom playlist, which you can't quite do on Hype Machine because it only allows playlists based on your search criteria and results, and then share that playlist as a  URL or RSS feed.

Case in point: Just tonight at work, a colleague was playing some dance/pop songs and it reminded me of that great Jason Nevins remix of "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. Since I couldn't find it via The Hype Machine, I found the song via YouTube. Of course I didn't want to see those fools lip synching, I just wanted the song and to be able to play it for my friend. Better than that I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I could create an entire playlist for him of dance music that he might like and just send him a link to a Flash player that would play the music...

Well thanks to Seeqpod I may now be in luck. Search for songs, add them to a playlist, and then send that playlist URL around to my friends. I haven't yet explored this service too much but it sounds promising.

You'll see how the Seeqpod page is constantly displaying new music that it's finding, similar to Digg's real-time BigSpy that shows what stories are currently being dugg.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the hat tip on this one, it was perfect timing.


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