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January 13, 2007

Why I Love Murky Coffee

  Murky Capitol Hill interior 
  Originally uploaded by Aldo Coffee.

There are lots of reasons that I love Murky Coffee, one being that the coffee is excellent. I only frequent Starbucks during the week because it’s close to the office but their coffee isn’t that good (actually, I don’t drink coffee--just never got into it-- so I drink Chais instead). And besides, you go to Starbucks for the experience of it and being seen with their cup in your hand after you leave the store. 

More important to me, as I’ve explained before about good coffee shops, the atmosphere is what you expect in a great coffee shop and Murkey doesn't disappoint:

  • Eclectic music, played loudly or softly depending on the time of day and the resident DJ
  • Baristas that actually know coffee (again I don’t drink it they're knowledgeable about the coffee they serve)
  • A ever so slighly smug feel in the air-- it's not very strong unless you walk into Murky expecting it to be like Starbucks-- it's not so get over it (they only accept cash, it will take a little time to make your drink, and they WILL yell at you for being a jerk)

It has that local vibe as well where people go to meetup, socialize and hangout, read their books, or work on the computers. You get all walks a life in there and can always expect to overhear intelligent conversations and great music, my last point about why I love Murky Coffeee.

I just heard “One Armed Scissor” by At The Drive In. What more do I have to say about this place? It’s the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to.

1/16/06 UPDATE: My brother pointed me to this short Post article on Murky's famous Ultimate Hot Chocolate. I've never tried it but heard it's more than worth the five dollars it costs.


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