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January 30, 2007

Sufjan Stevens at the Kennedy Center

Free tickets for Sufjan Stevens playing at the Kennedy Center, sounded like a great idea. We arrived an hour early for the 9-10am ticket release on Saturday and saw this:


Hmmm, guess an hour earlier was a bit optimistic. Turns out that people had camped out for these tickets and the line was like one of the sneaky lines at an amusement park that loops and snakes around so many times that you never know how long its actually going to take before getting on the ride.

Except at the Kennedy Center, the line looped back and forth right out in the open, making it difficult to how desperate the situation really was. That entire space to the left of the building was full of people waiting in line.

We didn't get tickets and it seems that most people didn't either (see DCist's coverage). These free tickets for Sufjan Stevens are now on Craigslist, with many offering exorbitant prices to purchase tickets from the Lucky few who arrived before sunrise.

In honor of Randy Cohen and Jason's Ethicist posts, here's my ethical question: With tickets you acquired for free, is it all right to scalp those tickets for $200 or $300?


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