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January 23, 2007

Free the Music: Are Record Labels Finally Getting It?

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Whether is was Lessig, folks like Cory or EFF, Mike at Techdirt, or even an insider like Bob Leftsetz, the opinion that the music industry should adopt DRM free music (if only for the reason that DRM is an oxymoron at best and is really dead) is long standing.

What's changed now is that we're hearing rumblings of change, FINALLY, from the mainstream music industry. Several indie labels are banding together to flex the power usually reserved to the big four record labels.

And now a mainstream media lsource this NYT article are joining the bandwagon by reporting that the music industry is now actually thinking about (not yet implementing it yet, I'll believe it when I see it) allowing consumers to purchase DRM-free music so that we can listen/consume music the ways we want, where we want, and when we want.

Amazing, the music industry now thinking of customers first and what we want.  We'll pay for music but get rid of the DRM. Listening to your customers and having customer service is simple but not easy (see my post yesterday about the importance of transparency when delivering great customer service).

For far too long the music industry has been combating digital music rather than embracing it. Let's hope the long overdue death of the DRM Sacred Cow is close to coming true.


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