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December 06, 2006

CalacanisCast with Fred Wilson

This post is via my blog rather than an audio comment to Jason for the next CalacanisCast episode because I can’t find my microphone right now. I’ve been meaning to send a comment to Jason on his new podcast and given his recent job announcement about joining Sequoia Capital, this seemed even more pertinent.

I can’t remember where I first hear about Jason (maybe back in the ‘ol Gawker vs. Weblogs days or the NYT article from soon after he sold Weblogs to AOL- the was back when a blog network being worth $30 million was a fairly novel concept and Jason deserves kudos for having the insight to develop a blog network) but I’ve really enjoyed him on the Gillmor Gang (R.I.P.) over the last few months. As a result, I’ve been a more frequent reader of his blog, keeping up with the new Netscape redesign, and now listening to his new podcast.

But I first realized Jason’s great sense of humor and how long he’s been in the game for, when he joined Fred on his Positively 10th Street podcast back in May. It clicked that Jason being with Silicon Alley Reporter and Fred being in the NYC VC scene that their work paths crossed. The resulting podcast was great, hearing them relive the old days of the NYC bubble days. Funny stuff indeed, though maybe not as funny as Jason’s Adam Curry impression (see the 10/15 Gillmor Gang).

Jason asked for interviewee suggestions so I’d like to see Jason return the podcasting favor and have Fred on an upcoming CalacanisCast as one of his first official podcast interviews. I’m an avid reader of both tier blogs and their insights on new media and the future of the web are always right on target. So if you’re listening Jason (or Fred), would love to hear you two do another podcast, talk about the new media and the internet, and discuss the VC landscape of the “Web2.0” world.

And two other things: the background song for the CalacanisCast sounds cool but what is it? And props to Jason for the citation in the 11/16 Economist blogging article, “Blogging for a Living.


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