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November 04, 2006

Fall Means Music Season in D.C.

Great, eclectic and independent music is in season here in D.C. Part of the reason that I left Rochester was for a new job, certainly, but it was based more on needing to be in a bigger city and music played a big part of that.

The last two weeks and the month of November may be the best music lineup I’ve ever seen. Here’s the lineup:

  Originally uploaded by leafblower.

1) Sparta @ Black Cat
2) TV on the Radio @ 9:30
3) The National @ Black Cat
4) Tapes n Tapes @ Black Cat (missed this one unfortunately)
5) The Album Leaf @ Rock n Roll Hotel (no photos yet but Wonkette highlighted the show)
---- Upcoming----
6) Broken Social Scene @ 9:30 (my most anticipated show of the year)
7) Imogen Heap @ 9:30
8) Sia @ 9:30
9) My Morning Jacket 9:30 (my 2nd most anticipated show of the year)

To better describe these concerts, I tried classifying them, and not by musical genre but by type of concert, because there are different kinds: there’s plain old shows where the band just kicks ass (e.g. The National); there's performances because of the band’s stage presence or antics; lastly, some are experiences, not because of stage presence, but because of the mood created by the music. These are rough and hardly mutually exclusive classifications so feel free to comment or give me feedback.

  Show    Performance    Experience 

TV on the Radio
The National
Imogen Heap*

Brazilian Girls
My Morning Jacket*


The Album Leaf
Broken Social Scene*

  * Hasn't happened yet but based on their music 


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