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October 08, 2006

New Music of the Day/Week

  Josh Ritter 
  Originally uploaded by musique nonstop.

Thanks to Nick, went to see Josh Ritter play an in-store performance yesterday at Olsson's in Dupont. I didn't see him perform later that day at 9:30 but based on what I saw, I assume it was a great show.

It was an acoustic, mostly mellow set (punctuated by a couple faster songs) and ended with Ritter encouraging the crowd to sing along by quietly oohhing and humming along.

I've never seen such a happy go-lucky guy, smiling and modest, happy to be playing. And play he can. He sang really well, with these amazing moments when he sang extremely quietly but strongly, natural and unforced. It was a drizzly, overcast day outside and this was the perfect anecdote, the kind of music that makes your foot tap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

He's my favorite song from Josh Ritter's hour-long set, "Snow is Gone" (live version from Vicar St. in Dublin, where he's a rock god according to his website).


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