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September 04, 2006

New Music of the Day/Week

Hopefully you're outside barbecuing, eating good food and drinking some beer with friends and family, and maybe listening to a mix of good summer music. Inspired by Fred's Mp3 of the Week/Song of the Day, here's a non-MySpace/ music recommendation as we approach the end of the Labor Day weekend.

The band is The Voom Blooms and the single is "Thoughts of Rena." You can preview more of their tracks via The Hype Machine.

(If you're unfamiliar with The Hype Machine, see my earlier post on how mp3 blog aggregators are replacing P2P and record stores as the way to discover and download new music).

Thanks to the great people at Murky Coffee (my new new blogging hang-out) for playing great, eclectic music. Not only did they play Prince, Fiona Apple, and Rufus Wainwright among others, they played the Dallas Does Does Indie podcast that turned me on to The Voom Blooms.


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