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September 03, 2006

Movies to See

In keeping with my distate for Holloywood's mainstream blockbuster crap (I watched/suffered  through X-Men 3 during a recent Cape Cod trip-- it was rainign and there was uttelry nothing else to do), here are a few good movies that 'd like to see that may be mainstream, commercial films but at least they're not the typical crap:

  1. Little Miss Sunshine (via Fred’s raving review that it’s “the best movie I've seen all year”
  2. Half-Nelson (via NPR)
  3. Puffy Chair (saw in NYTimes and recently referenced in a WIRED article)

Puffy Chair reminds me a little of the film, Me and You and Everyone We Know, because it also sounds like it's a little quirky. But it's the setting of Puffy Chair, a road trip with your brother, that really appeals to me.

[ Quick aside ]

It was about a year ago that my brother and I embarked on the great 2005 Labor Day Trip from Denver to D.C. in a 10-ft U-Haul truck. There's something about road trips, especially with your brother, that are really great expereinces. You have all of these expectations things that you're going to catch up on and guess what, msot of those conversations don't happen. You talk about more the commonplace goings-on than about any deep, philosophical feelings about life and family.

Last year before the road trip, I had just finished reading Honeymoon With My Brother, which I recommend to anyone looking for a great story about saying screw it to the status quo and traveling the world doing what you love. Now, one year later I find myself living in the same city as my brother and even living together (he needed a roommate and I needed a cheaper rent).

And for some good online video, watch the video from Burning Man TV which is culminating this weekend. Attending Burning Man is on my list of events/places to go to and I emailed Grant about it not loo long ago since he's attended before. If you're more a photos person, see WIRED's photo coverage of Burning Man 2006.


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