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July 15, 2006

Reading Catch-Up

I moved out of my apartment last week and moved in to a house on Capital Hill; I loved the studio and walking to work in only 15 minutes but the rent was a little pricey for me so I'm looking forward to the new neighborhood (Eastern Market) by the Capital.

For those reasons and others, there's been a dearth of posts lately but I've been reading as much as usual and the ideas are flowing. My backlog of potential posts is quite long, my faithful readers (Justin, Mike, and ...), so thank you for your patience and dedication to the new Dimen Desings blog here at TyePad. Benkler's Wealth of Networks and Chris Anderson's The Long Tail are still on my paper reading lists but I hope to finish them soon and post some comments and analysis.

In addition to this backlog, I still have to export all of my Tripod blog posts over to my new TypePad home. TypePad is great so far except for one damn annoying thing that I've never experienced before while reading/surfing the internet (whether currently using Firefox or IE from back in the day). When I blog, I have multiple browser windows open and no, I don't use the tabbed browsing feature. Quick Aside-- I use ALT+TAB to switch between different programs and if you use tabbed browsing, then you have to use CTRL+TAB to switch between the different tabbed browser windows, meaning that you can't switch between all of the windows or tabs using the same keyboard shortcuts. But for some unexplainable reason (I haven't researched it yet so email me if you how to correct this) I can't switch between the Tyepad new post window and another Firefox window, where I have the article or link that I want to post and discuss. Anyone out there have this same annoying bug or is it just me, my Dell, and Firefox acting up?

From my new routine of after-work Metro reading, an unsurprising look at the advertising expenditures for 2005 U.S. media:


This data cited from TNS Media Intelligence appeared in this 7/10 WSJ article, "The Marketing Maze," free version of the article here.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably won't find this data too unbelievable but look at the percentage changes on the right because the large bars of local newspapers and network TV are misleading. They may still have the first and second highest advertising expenditures but we all know that newspaper and mainstream network TV is hurting, thanks in large part to the internet, which has the largest percentage change in advertising expenditures from 2004 to 2005.

I don't need to beat the death of newspapers and network TV drums because that's a mistaken hypothesis, an oversimplification of the data and trends that we're seeing online and offline. The blogsphere will like the results above but let's not forgot about the niches or micromarkets, as Umair would say, that newspaper and network TV should leverage (but aren't embracing currently) to survive and thrive in the new media age.


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