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July 20, 2006

New Music Thanks to Mp3 Blogs

Thanks to my buddy Robbie back in Rochester and for Fred Wilson's post on the importance of mp3 blogs for music discovery, something that I said back in Dec. of 2005. (For once, I posted on a new trend before he did, no small feat given his wide ranging passions, great musical tastes, and frequency of insightful posts.)

Saying Pandora and aren't necessarily the best way to discover music is fairly contrarian to the blogosphere and all things Web2.0. I use on this blog and have used Pandora at times and they do serve their purposes (here's how to combine the two). But I think for pure music discovery, like we used to do when browsing music and talking to the music diehards working at good indy record stores, the mp3 blogs have the advantage.

Robbie emailed me and recommended Band of Horses, a group that I haven't heard of but could quickly preview via iTunes. Notice I said preview via iTunes but not purchase via iTunes, why buy through them when there are so many better options available. So as Fred suggests, I fired up Hype Machine to see about some mp3s from Band of Horses and saw among their rankings that Feist, who I've been in love with for awhile and saw in concert at Black Cat, was atop their popular search download rankings. So clicking on that link led me to the Feist mp3 download list and I discovered that a new Feist remix album was released.

That's the beauty of mp3 blogs, besides getting full mp3 versions of songs, you can rely on others to keep you updated on new music releases. This same function could have been achieved through a Feist fan newsletter, visiting her website, checking out Pitchfork, or maybe via a RSS feed, but this about music discovery. Well not quite because I already knew about Feist but you can understand how easily it is to start wandering down different music paths based on a mp3 blog aggregator, like Hype Machine or, and discover great music that wouldn't normally hit your radar.

Check out the Postal Service remix of Feist's "Mushaboom" and then download some Band of Horses mp3s to see what I mean about great music discovery.

And since we're on a music kick tonight, two great upcoming shows for the D.C. area:
1) Editors @ 9:30 Club on July 27th- Shralp videocoast #3
2) Jurassic 5 @ 9:30 Club on Aug. 14th- if you good hip-hop, then you must know J5
3) Band of Horses @ Black Cat on Sept. 13th- Robbie said indie rock and that sounds good to me


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