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July 23, 2006

Carr's Reaction to Benkler

From Carr's post on Benkler and Calacanis, I wanted to point out this small section:

The invention of the radio - the original "wireless" technology - spurred the creation of a vast network of amateur broadcasters, but that nonprofessional network was soon displaced by a smaller set of commercial radio stations that were better able to fulfill the desires of the listening public.

I quoted the section above because it's a discussion that I posted on earlier, whether the commercial media really delivers content that the mass audience really wants. I don't think it does, as Benkler asserts, so I disagree with Carr's notion that that commercial radio stations were better at fulfilling the people's desires.Hollow1

Carr does good analysis as Calacanis noted recently but it doesn't mean he's perfect. This is just one part of Carr's post, which is well-thought out, so I don't think I'm joining the blog herd that so quickly jumps on people's mistakes. Remember what blogging is about (i.e. read Scoble and Israel's Naked Conversations), it doesn't need to be perfect but it should be coniserdate and self-correcting. The Gillmor Gang's 7/17 podcast, with Calcanis himself, addresses the flaming bandwagon that it so prevelant in the blogosphere these days.

I wanted to point that section of Carr's post because it address a question that I'm particularly interested in and because there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the topic of mass media serving the public good. You can disagree with people and point it out without disparaging the person or their otherwise great post. A good lesson for the entire blogosphere.


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