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Blog Basics

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June 28, 2006

Blogging Basics

I was talking with a good friend last night and asked about how it was going with the small golf and turf equipment company that he works for, how's business doing, etc. Not that I like to talk about work all the time but I have a general and honest interest in what people spend their time doing and how their particular industry or company works. Like I've told people, I always grabbed the sports section of the newspaper when when I was growing up-- and for the sports, which i don't usually care for, but because the business section was on the back page of the sports section.

Being a semi-active blogger and full-time blog-reader, I suggested that his company should have a blog, given that it's a fairly small, tight-knit industry where the end customers (golf course superintendents) want unbiased information and opinions before purchasing new golf and turf equipment. We went back and forth on the topic: would a blog would really work, would the customers find it credible, how would it compare to an already established bulletin board website for the industry, would putting out too much information dilute their role as the manfuacturers' reps, what would the sales guys think, etc. More importantly, he asked me how much time it would take; most importantly, I said that you have to be passionate about what you're blogging (that means posting often = a serious time dedication).

I think we agreed to both think about it some more. To that end, here's FutureLab's take on strategic blogging, perhaps a few levels of analysis above where my friend is but nonetheless good insight on how and where blogging fits into your marcomm strategy. This post might help my friends at work too.

Of course, you should have already read Scoble's book, Naked Conversations. If you haven't done that, shame on you. Go right now, drop the mouse, and read it .


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