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April 11, 2006

Back for Now, But My Attention is Scarce

sunset Thanks to Justin for posting a comment, chiding me on the recent dearth of posts, been busy at work and although a lot of good ideas have stemmed from my most recent reading, I just haven't had the time for even any basic analysis.

The attention economy, focusing on our increasing scarcity of time as information keeps overhwelming our inboxes and eyeballs on a daily basis. The general idea has come up a lot over the last year or so, spanning the various reading/podcasting that I do to keep on the convergence of technology, the internet, media, and culture.

Between Fred Wilson, Adam Curry's podcasts (including his recent golden ticket idea), Bubblegeneration (and Umair just responded to the Disney news today as well) and linking concepts from Battelle's Google book and Scoble's blogging book, the legitimacy of the Attention Economy concept is cementing in my mind.

I don't have the time to write up much on the idea but saw this post on an Eric Schmidt talk that mentions the idea and that finally sparked me to post on the subject. So do yourself a favor and start reading Fred and Umair if you're interested in the future of new media, advertising, and the internet and technology, because these guys (among the many out there) are talking about it a high level. I wish that I could stand on the shoulders of these giants to see what they see so reading their analysis gets me as close as I can for now.

Now, if only I can subtlety hint to my colleagues, who work at a sister Council, that they should be reading this stuff...

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