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September 24, 2005

Stop, Look, Think, & Post

The combination of listening to Juliet Lloyd (iTunes link) covering the great Duran Duran song, "Ordinary World," and looking at this photo, "Mushroom Vendors," made me stop, look, think, want to post about this. Stopping to smell the roses, something that the late Chief Justice Rehnquist stressed to his law clerks.

Look of the eyes of the children, especially the one of the left, the oldest and reluctant leader of the trio. Those faces have seen a million things and lived through a million hardships that most people on this world will never experience.

The photos are by Mexican Pictures, which I stumbled upon through Lifehacker linking to that linked to the photo via  This combination of music and imagery is one of those eye opening and unexpected travels that I stumble upon when surfing the web, bouncing from one area of interest to something completely unknown but mesmerizing. The music and the photo make me pause and contemplate things.

Look at "Mushroom Vendors" again and imprint the image of the kids' faces in your mind; keep it with you, when you drive to work or are out for a run and your mind is wandering, and think about your life versus the life of those kids.

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