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February 25, 2005

Detox for the Next Two Weeks

My two finals were on Monday and by midnight I was all done. The dearth of posts the last couple of months is directly attributable to my class load so now that I'm free, expect to see more consistent posts.

I call the two weeks off between semesters "Detox" because I feel like my schedule is so hectic and sleep-deprived that I have to detox from that mindset. Think of it as a detox from all the hard work that I need to do for school; now I get to cram all the fun stuff, that I've been putting off since Dec., into the next two weeks.

It means snowboarding, reading, running, the weight room and the pool, and catching up with my friends that I neglect during the school semester.

Here's what's been keeping me going lately:

  1. StationRipper + KCRW = mp3s of great but obscure musicians
  2. "Tulips" by Bloc Party (this song wrote 1 or 2 papers for me)
  3. Doing backflips at Hunt Hollow while wearing my brother's old Hunt Hollow Ski Patrol jacket. They were not amused.
  4. My friend Dave's Wi-Pics is taking off. He's at PMA right now and the wireless photo device won an award for the show's most innovative product.


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