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November 21, 2003

Rochester's finest

The House Poon (yes, that's the real name) is one of funniest names I've ever seen for a restaurant. I've never documented it so imagine my surprise and laughter when I saw it on the Internet. Thanks to Dave for posting the photo, it was long overdue. 

I found the House Poon photo through Jeff Schuler's site and seeing it made me laugh. More importantly, it made me want to post. I don't know Jeff very well but we met at a webdesign Meetup and I think we look at the world in a similar way. 

His post on reaching plateaus in his life struck a chord with me, because I've felt the exact same thing since graduating. From the elevator pitch to struggling to find some direction in my life, his description mirrors my experience from the last year: 

" I guess these notions don't only happen in the gap time. Right now, running along my current plateau, (which didn't turn out so much like I'd planned,) I've devised a new scheme of my direction, and I find myself, again, repeating this in conversation. I don't know whether I'm trying to convince myself or just talking about what's bouncing around in my head, but I'm certainly conscious of a kind of hesitation.

So, to come out with it, I don't know how long this plateau will last, but at the moment I'm trying to forge a kind of lifeness here. In my job, activities, home, and social circles I'm struggling to establish a sphere of -- not influence -- just... being. I want to dig my nails into my work, into Cleveland, into a few different "scenes," and hopefully begin bouncing off more kindred-ilk/folk. "

So read his blog, bookmark it, and then go have a beer with the kid. Tell him I sent you. 


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