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November 21, 2003

Digital picture frames and iPod Jacking

From the Always On Networka start-up that's dumpster-diving its way to profitability. Wallflower is using LCD screens from old labtops (acquired through liquidation an eBay) to make digital picture frames. With WiFi enabled frames, you can automatically make the picture frame show photogrpahs from your PC via wireless or email. The digital picture frames have been around before but with Wifi, they might actually take off. CNN Money thinks so.

Yes, I have an iPod and yes, I love it. But I love it for other reasons, like this: iPod jacking, a somewhat new trend where strangers stop each other on the street and jack each other's iPods, listening to music they wouldn't normally choose. Complete strangers coming together because of a common interest and without talking, sharing soemthing about themselves. Maybe I'm young and idealistic, but I love it. 


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